SWiKen HKICPA QP Course and FE Course Jun 2020

SW Institute of Knowledge Enhancement (SWiKen) has launched the HKICPA QP Enhancement Course and FE Enhancement Course for Jun 2020.

The Enhancement Courses focus on intensive training, which aims at strengthening students' examination techniques and enhancing their essential skills and professional knowledge to increase the passing rate in the examination.

QP Enhancement Course FE Enhancement Course


QP Enhancement Course : Course Structure

  Module Hour(s)


3 hours per session

Ted Chan QPA - Financial Reporting 30 10
QPB – Corporate Financing 30 10
Noel Leung QPC – Business Assurance 30 10
Ian Lee QPD – Taxation 30 10

*Medium of Instruction: Cantonese


FE Enhancement Course: Course Structure

An Integrated 4-in-1 Enhancement Course

  Module Hour(s)


3 hours per session

1 FEA - Financial Reporting 9 3
2 FEB – Corporate Financing 6 2
3 FEC – Business Assurance 6 2
4 FED – Taxation 6 2
Final Mock Paper Review 3


(45 minutes per each module x 4 modules)

*Medium of Instruction: Cantonese


Mock Examination

A tailor-made mock that simulates the actual examination in real setting for a true experience. It gives an opportunity to identify which part of knowledge you have mastered well and which part could be further improved before siting for the real examination.

QP Mock Examination

FE Mock Examination

Available for Module A/ Module B/ Module C/ Module D. Lecturers will mark and grade the mock examination. HK$350 for each paper.

Lecturers will go through the questions with suggested answers during Mock Paper Review class. HK$900 for whole package.


About SWiKen

SW Institute of Knowledge Enhancement Limited (SWiKen) is dedicated to providing a wide spectrum of accountancy training courses and continuing professional development courses. We aim to help people acquire the latest industry information, enhance the professional knowledge and build strong foundations, matching their educational and career goals.

其他, Students should attend class according to the latest course schedule from SWiKen.
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