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QED 香港 大學Essay/Assignment/論文咨詢支援、論文指導服務

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功課,論文就到DEADLINE? 我們的服務可以助你解決學業上的問題。QED academics 集合各科Master / MPhil / PHD /Prof 人才 提供論文 / Essay / Coursework / Assignment 諮詢 或編輯服務及工具資源。現在就聯繫我們,讓我們代勞。




Contact us now by:

電話 / Whatsapp : +852 6730 - 2001  

Email : [email protected]

Wechat : QED1080



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On-Time Delivery   準時

We understand that you may be rushing for a deadline, therefore an on-time delivery is one of our top priorities. In our formal offer a fixed deadline will be agreed and it will be our obligation to ensure it is done on time. Under our terms and conditions, a 120% refund will be provided should we fail to deliver the work on the stated deadline.

Referral Scheme  推介

Word of mouth is always the best marketing approach. Once you have become our client, you are very welcome to refer us to your friends, colleagues, or classmates. We will provide significant benefits for all kinds of referral.

Fully Customized   度身

Our inquiry process may take some time, however this is only to ensure that the final work is fully customized for you. We welcome all kinds of requirements

Free Consultation  顧問

Knowing that having a lot of advice may not always be the helpful, we provide recommendations and options on how to proceed with your essays/dissertations FOR FREE. We only charge for the solutions we provide!

Free Agency Service  代理

We understand there are teachers, professors and supervisors who constantly change their minds, adivising you in a way that may not be most beneficial. To solve this, we offer a free agency service or meeting preparation notes that will assist with your communication. For clients who instruct us to handle the entire course online, we will help you in checking any updates from your institution.




Our Clients:


Just received my dissertation result – my mark is raised! Thank You!!! The dissertation process seem daunting at all stages, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude. Thank you all of your useful guidelines and numerous responses. Very appreciated! Salute!

MBA (University of Leicester) – Dissertation


Outstanding!!! Really helps me a lot as my full time job has taken up all my time!

Business Degree Program (University of Northumbria) – Professional Project


Finally got someone who is professional in construction :D

MSc Birmingham City University – In-Course Assessment


Thanks for saving me from the assignments! Have referred my friends to you!

Teesside University Business School – Business Project



Education Degree (BEd) - DMU – Final Project


Thanks a lot for the help and support. I like the paper. Very well-written.

University of Hong Kong (BBA) – Term Paper




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