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豪華遊艇 Saffron-Cruises

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時尚的 Vanilla,會帶你到海中暢遊,讓你舒適地享受海上的時光。



  • 可容納50位
  • 伂舒適的休息廳、廣闊的船頭及適合日光浴的空間
  • 可提供餐飲及侍應服務

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Vanilla is a wonderful modern day cruiser to give you all the comforts at sea.

There is ample space, allowing for up to 50 passengers to grace her main open lounge, wide bow and sundecks.

Ideal for corporate events, annual dinner, private parties, birthday party, cocktail dinners, weddings etc. Complimented by our special catering and waiter services.


Modern and luxurious cruiser

  • Max capacity of 50 guests
  • Features a cosy interior lounge, wide bow and sundecks
  • Special catering and waiter services available on request
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