Apple Hand Made Key Chain 蘋果 膠珠人手製造鎖匙扣 (可訂做不同顏色)

Apple Hand Made Key Chain 蘋果膠珠人手製造鎖匙扣 (可訂做不同顏色)
(HK$100.00以上),只限在 "屯門/元朗/荃灣" 交收。勝出者請在3天內 ***主動*** 留低E-MAIL或電話號碼以便商討交收事宜!
HK$5 (郵費最後由郵局決定)(掛號另加HK$13) 入數到我的銀行戶口,收款後本人會立即將貨品寄出,但買家需承擔『寄失或被損毀』等郵寄風險!! 3天內沒回覆者或未能在指定時間內完成交收者,會被當作棄權處理,而閣下的戶口將永列入黑名單及 " 負評 "Thank You

For Oversea Buyer, we accepted the payment by
PAYPAL ONLY (add 4.5% of PayPal Handling Charges). We will shipped out all the goods from HONG KONG within 1-2 business days after the payment is cleared & through air-mail by Hong Kong Post Office. The postage despends on the weight that agreed by Hong Kong Post Office. We are not responsible for any missing Parcel on shipping, if you do not buy the postal insurance ! So we are highly recommended for all international buyers to buy the postal insurance on your purchased items on shipping !

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