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The Eco-Adventure Foundation is a non-profit organization

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The Treasure Island Group

Drawing from an international team of outdoor leaders, Treasure Island recruits to bring a variety of outdoor expertise from all corners of the world to teach and engage with young children and youth. These leaders are selected for their camp experience, professional background and overall enthusiasm towards everything outdoors. They are qualified in outdoor education, adventure skills training, wilderness first-aid and must have prior camp and leading experience for our school camp programmes. All staff have a 2 week in-house training as we go over programme content, risk assessments, safety, site locations and skills assessments.

In partnership with Horizons International from New Zealand, we work together to provide the best trainers to come join seasonal team.

The Eco-Adventure Foundation is a non-profit organization whose aim is to increase the availability of outdoor education opportunities for our children and youth. This foundation will join other charities and corporations of the Hong Kong community to offer scholarships and select individuals, school groups, and organizations to ensure that the wonders of adventure, community, and environment are accessible to children and youth of all economic backgrounds.

We are currently looking for sponsors and partners to develop our Eco-Camp with sustainability energies. Corporations NGO’s Private donators will help us provide one of Hong Kong’s first Eco-Sustainable camp. Contact us directly for more info.

is a Hong Kong leader in outdoor education, team building and events located on beautiful Pui O Beach, Lantau Island. The Treasure Island Group (TIG) includes Treasure Island and Global Adventures school programmes, Corporate Adventures team building, Ooh La La restaurant & bar and the Eco-Adventures Foundation, a registered Hong Kong charity.

Adventure + Community + Environment

Our beach front facility and private campsite on Lantau Island allows for a unique outdoor classroom in a safe and cooperative setting for all ages. With dedication and commitment, schools and families can enjoy the great outdoors just 40 minutes away from the urban jungle. The YWCA is our residential camp partner who is 5 minutes away and we have cooperative programmes on offer. Bringing the classroom outdoors!

Safety first is our top priority when planning and organizing programmes. Risk management and assessments, in-house training and student ratios are part of the planning process with the schools to ensure the readiness level of the students and challenge level of the programme is achievable and successful.

For every activity and location, we select the most suitable and safest location to engage student learning. Risk Assessments allows for teachers, leaders and parents to become aware of the challenge level of the activity.

Address:Pui O Beach, Lantau Island Hong Kong
Email:[email protected]
Tel:(852) 2546-3543

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