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The Gallery showcases the work of both emerging and mid-career artists

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Karin Weber Gallery has a solid reputation for presenting and promoting local, regional and international contemporary art in Hong Kong. The Gallery showcases the work of both emerging and mid-career artists through carefully curated exhibitions and regular art fairs both local and overseas.

Art projects with fashion and graphic designers in Hong Kong adds an extra dimension. Highlights include glass gellage photography with highly archival carbon pigment, epoxy objects which surpasses the boundary between sculpture and painting, and the interplay of annealed wire and shadows in large scale installation works.

The freshness and friendliness of the gallery atmosphere welcomes art lovers of all levels.


art consultation

 Our services are here to facilitate a fun and efficient art buying experience. If there is any other way we can assist, please let us know.
Art Consultation

Karin Weber Gallery provides all clients with free access to our art consultation services. We will work closely with you to identify works that meet your style and mood. Lighting and placement consultations are done on-site to optimize your new artwork and enhance your living or working space.

Consultations in Hong Kong are done personally. For overseas clients consultations can be carried out by phone with the aid of emailed or posted photos and measurements of the relevant space.

Framing Advice

To frame or not to frame? This can often be a difficult decision so we will provide Framer recommendations and come with you for on-the-spot advice.

Commission Brokering

When a client has a very specific requirement it is often best to consider commissioning artwork to best fit a space. Many of our artists will accept commissions so we will work with you to suggest a suitable artist and ensure the finished work is one you will love to live with.

Karin Weber Gallery

Address:G/F, 20 Aberdeen Street Central, Hong Kong
opening hours:
Monday - Saturday : 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Sunday : 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.
website: www.karinwebergallery.com
tel:(852) 2544 5004
email: [email protected]
London Based UK Representative
Stephanie Braun
email: [email protected]

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