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motif 手造皮革工作坊 2人同行九折優惠,4人同行八五折優惠

此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性 更新於: 2011-05-11 刊登者: motif studio

DIY Leather Workshop (手造皮革工作坊)

DIY your personal leather products, while learning some basic leather handling techniques at Best Value! 


 LM 001 - Elementary 基礎班

An intensive class with great value that would teach all the elementary skills that necessary for leather processing, meanwhile you could bring maximum 3 products (1 fixed & 2 others choosing from namecard holderbook cover, pass casephone case & key ring) home.



  • Fee: HK$980/ 10hrs/ 2-3 products (4 days) (additional hour: HK$100/ hr) 


 LM 101 - Namecard holder 咭片套 /  Bible/ Book cover 聖經/書套/ Pass case 證件套

HK$380/ 3.5hrs/ person 


 HK$380/ 3.5hrs/ person

HK$420/ 3.5hrs/ perso



LM 102 - Coin Case 散銀包 / Vintage coin bag 懷舊散銀包

 HK$480/ 4hrs/ person

  HK$680/ 5hrs/ person


LM 103 - Stylish iphone case 型格iphone套

iphone case 01
HK$420/ 3.5hrs/ person

iphone case 02

HK$480/ 4hrs/ person
LM104 - Camera bag 相機袋
HK$720/ 6hrs/ person
                                                                                                     (2 days)
 LM105 - ipad case ipad
HK$1080/ 9hrs/ person
                                                                                                     (3 days)

*Minimum 2 ppl per workshop with all tools & materials inclusive

*10%-off for 2 ppl enroll together, 15%-off for 4 ppl enroll together

*Time is flexible by appointment (Mon-Thu evening/ Sat-Sun afternoon)

*Additional hour: HK$100/ hr



*自由選擇預約時間 (星期一至四晚上/ 星期六、日下午)


For reservation, please email to [email protected] or phone to 2609 0808.

請電郵至[email protected]或至電2609 0808登記留位。

聯絡資訊 此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性