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Chin Fai Offset Printing Factory - 提供 Photo Frame ,Album and Scrapbook等產品

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Chin Fai Offset Printing Factory

About Us

Established in 1986, We are a leading innovative product manufacturer based in Hong Kong with factory certified ISO9001:2000. Our products include high quality printed matter, stationery, gifts, premiums and packaging products. With the overwhelming support of our customers, we promptly became one of the leading providers of integrated printing and packaging solutions in Greater China Region.

Committed to continuous development and advancement, our quality management system has certified ISO 9001:2000. We are now a fully integrated ODM/OEM manufacturer of high quality paper and packaging products. We also developed an extensive network of manufacturers worldwide. Throughout the years we have helped numerous clients source products of wide varieties and superior quality.


Photo Frame

Fabric Frame
Paper Frame
Magnet Frame
Wooden Frame

Album and Scrapbook

PVC & PP Album
Baby Album
Post Bound Album
Book Type Album
Book Bound Album
Fabric Album
Album & Frame Set 

Contact Us

Chin Fai Paper Product Limited. Chin Fai Offset Printing Factory.

Please contact us for more information.   
Tel: (852) 2407 6279   
Fax: (852) 2407 6390   
[email protected]

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