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We offer the true canvas print. In lot of other stores, you will be asked to pay extra to first print your photo on paper, and then have it machine pressed onto canvas to mimic the effect. This method greatly reduces the color dynamic range while the color and the print won’t last long. On the other hand, our FineArt Canvas Photo uses the real ink on canvas printing method to develop your print, just like how we have been handling the prints of local artists.

Built to last

With Epson Ultrachrome Ink and an extra protective layer, your canvas is water and scratch resistant. Color will easily remain vivid for more than 60 years. Furthermore, since FineArt Canvas Photo is stretched firmly around solid wood frame, no wrinkles and wavy edges will appear due to moisture as regular paper prints.

Best color, Finest details

A quality print is like a good LCD TV. Resolution and color range are the two most important factors. Our technology can handle up to 2880dpi (dots per inch), if your camera can see it, we can print it.

Our 8-color printing system (including 3 levels of black) is capable of producing a color range wider than traditional silver halide film. However, this alone is not enough. A poor quality canvas can greatly lower the performance of any ink. Therefore, like other professional fine art painters, we use 100% cotton pure white canvas as our print media. No matter whether it’s a colored or B&W photo, our system will for sure take good care of every pixel.

Zero obstacle

No, these aren’t mirrors, they are photo frames. The glass of traditional photo frame is reflective and is not truly transparent. It reduces your viewing pleasure and can be tiring to your eyes. With canvas photo print, no framing is required. You can hang it on your wall immediately and there is no glass on top like traditional framing. Finally, you can enjoy your masterpiece in its truest form that it well deserves.