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Alliance Insurance Services Limited

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Alliance Insurance Services Limited

NowCompare, is the number 1 expat health insurance website and the World’s first international health insurance comparison site providing global health insurance services to expatriates around the World.

The most comprehensive comparison website
NowCompare helps expats compare and review the best expat health insurance companies from around the World and today has health insurance broker agreements in place with more international health insurance companies than any other broker.

The most trusted comparison website
As the premier international insurance service provider, NowCompare is trusted to help expats find the best health insurance plans at the lowest prices.

Welcome to NowCompare, the World’s first international health insurance comparison website. NowCompare will allow you to generate an instant health insurance quote and buy health insurance online.

Whether you are looking for medical insurance, hong kong health insurance, international health insurance, expat health insurance or a specific company like Bupa hk, Bupa International or Cigna Insurance, you can compare the best health insurance quotes online.

NowCompare is an Alliance Group Company and a member of the Professional Insurance Broker's Association (PIBA).

Health Insurance Hong Kong

Describes everything you need to know about health insurance Hong Kong and how to get the best coverage for yourself and your family

Medical Insurance in Hong Kong

Information about the Hong Kong medical Insurance market that everybody in the expat community needs to know

Cheap Health Insurance

Reduce the cost of expat health insurance and Hong Kong health insurance in Hong Kong with NowCompare, the premier comparison website

Expat Health Insurance

Find specialist expat insurance in Hong Kong, get quotes and compare all of the top international health insurance companies

Healthcare Insurance

Get the best healthcare insurance when you compare the market online with the premier health insurance broker

Private Health Insurance

Compare the best private health insurance companies in Hong Kong and save on the premiums.

Address:14/F Grand Millennium Plaza,181 Queen's Road Central,Hong Kong
Tel:+852 2891 8915          
Email:[email protected]

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