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*** 愛家僱傭有限公司 *** 專業印傭、菲傭介紹,網上選傭,收費平,提供貼身服務,外傭質素好。

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Peony Employment Agency Limited

We have obtained the license of employment agency in Hong Kong, and the Business Accreditation Certificates both from Indonesia Consulate and Philippines Consulate in Hong Kong. We can lawfully import the domestic helpers from Indonesia and Philippines, and better protect the employer. We have engaged in the employment agency service in Hong Kong for many years, and thus can professionally recommend Hong Kong’s employers with Indonesian helpers and Philippine helpers. Our executives are at higher education level, and possess rich management experience in the employment and service industry in Hong Kong. We deeply understand the need of every employer, so as to design the proper courses for training foreign domestic helpers before they come to Hong Kong. Moreover, they receive the strict training of local training schools. They can be eligible for the recruitment only after passing our strict training appraisal. We arbitrarily survey these training schools to guarantee a satisfactory training level. We will also select some high-competence helpers for Hong Kong’s employers. In addition, we have many terminated or transferred foreign domestic helpers available for your choice.


We operate through computer system to more accurately effectively make the daily operation and greatly accelerate the application and follow-up of foreign domestic helpers. We can offer every employer with more considerate need, whole-process follow-up, and satisfactory assured service.


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