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"Life 720 is the exclusive distributor of SDTL® branded products. SDTL® is the only innovative and revolutionary “SMALL BIOMOLECULES DECODE TIME & LIFE” technology available in the world. By using brand new and cutting-edge technology, natural biological polyphenols are broken down into very tiny particles that can quickly pass through the cell membranes to reach the core directly to perform the repair function, such that the self-healing function of the body can be recovered and to regain vitality. The effects are quick, long-lasting and impressive.


生命720 獨家總代理 SDTL® 品牌產品,SDTL®為全球唯一創新革命性《SMALL BIOMOLECULES DECODE TIME & LIFE》技術,以嶄新尖端科技將天然生物多酚類破解成極微細的小分子,能迅速穿越細胞膜直達核心發揮修復作用,恢復身體自癒力,讓健康重展生機,而且效果快速、持久而鮮明。"