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泰式按摩是古代泰王招待皇家貴族的禮節, 主要分為保健按摩和娛樂按摩兩類



Warm Feeling House

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Relax & Enjoy


Traditional Thai Massage

Thai Massage has been used for centuries in Thailand to treat degenerative conditions and promote wellness. This ancient form of therapy is beneficial to the young or old, active or inactive, healthy or not so healthy. Thai massage techniques ***ist the body to return to optimum performance and optimum health, contributing to a sense of ease and well-being and good health. The benefits of Thai massage are boundless. Thai massage heightens awareness, frees blockages in energy flow, invigorates the nervous system, relieves pain and muscle tension, increases the bodies ability to absorb ***rition by stimulating the organs, strengthens and rejuvenates the body, improves circulation of the blood and lymph, increases flexibility and promotes a general feeling of well-being ***isting in balancing body mind and spirit. Thai massage ***ists elimination of waste and toxic debris collected from physical and emotion strain. Thai massage techniques can be particularly helpful in relieving headaches, migraines, arthritis, whiplash pain, paralysis, numbness and back pain.

Warm Feeling House
provides comfortable high quality service to you by a team of specially trained Thai Massager in a comfortable, relaxing and warm feeling environment. Except Thai Massage, we also provide Ear Candling Treatment, Herbal Massage, Thai Herbal Steam Treatment, Oil Massage and Aromatic Massage for your needs and enjoyment.

Stressed out? Neck and shoulder tension from long working hours? Or simply need to relax your mind and body? We can help! Come to visit us at Central and try our services in a warm feeling massage salon.

The Lymphatic Body Treatment
...to Lymphatic Face & Body Therapy. We provide Skin Care & Therapeutic Massage, specializing in Lymphatic Drainage for Plastic Surgery Care and Medical Grade Aesthetics. Lymphatic Therapy Services, Inc. is a private outpatient therapy practice specializing in the treatment of Lymphedema, chronic swelling and breast cancer rehabilitation.

In looking at the “whole person”, we-Lymphatic Therapy Services Inc. not only aims to provide our patients an opportunity to a better or full recovery, providing the right lifetime tools and equipment for patients to improve their health condition is one of our top priorities as well.

Price List

Thai Massage
HK$ 198 (60 mins)
HK$ 290 (90 mins)
HK$ 368 (120 mins)
Essential Oil Massage
HK$ 248 (60 mins)
HK$ 359 (90 mins)
HK$ 468 (120 mins)
HK$ 268 ( 60 mins)
HK$ 378 (90 mins)
HK$ 488 (120 mins)

Foot Reflexology
HK$ 138 (45 mins)
HK$ 168 (60 mins)
Head Neck Shoulder
HK$ 138 (30 mins)

Ear Candling
HK$ 138 (30 mins)

Steam with Thai Herb ways to Better Health
HK$ 138 (30 mins)

Body Scrub
HK$ 268 (30 mins)
HK$ 480 (90 mins) (Extra with Collagen Treatment)*

The Lymphatic Body Treatment
HK$ 398 (60 mins)

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Website: http://warmfeeling.hk.88db.com/

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