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    SE UNDER MEDICAL SUPERVISION MCARE Therapeutie Nutition for People with(Ch Fulmonary Disease) is a high calorie, lowyd ned to reduce carbon dioxide productio wate diets help decrease carbon dioxide proion after tnay be helphul for people with COPD. 1a anving (355 calories) meets or exceeds 25% RO1 o and minerals OCTIONS: Use under medical supervision. Use by date on end of car nom temperature. Shake well. Clean top of container tho ce opened, cover, refrigerate and use within 48 hous Onal r total or supplemental nutrition. May be fed at room tem Tube Fooding Osmolality, 475 mOsm/kg water. Adjust flow rate an to patient's condition and tolerance. Feed by pump at room e &Fr or langer tube; use a 10 Fr or larger tube for gravity feeding uirements should be met by giving water between or after feeding he tube Avoid contamination during preparation and use NOT FR ENTS: WATER, SODIUM AND CALCIUM CASEINATES, SUGAR MALTODEXTRIN MEDIUM CHAIN TRIGLYCERIDES CORN OL PHOSPHATE ASCORBIC ACID, CH
    Vanilla naturally and artificially flaverod #00 MUTRIENTS PER 8 FL OZ PROTEIN % CAL VITAMINS/ MINERALS VITAMIN B VITAMIN B12 NIACIN CHOLINE BIOTIN PANTOTHENIC AC SODIUM POTASSIUM CHLORIDE 14.8 g 16.7 22.1 g 25.0g 36 mg 36 mg 186 g 1.5 PER8FL02 PER R 10 mg 3.0 mc 10 mg 150 mg 55.1 28.2 CARBOMORATE LOARNITINE TAURINE WATER CALORIES PER mIL CALORIES PER 8 FL 0Z 355 ITAMINS MIERALS TAMIN TAMIN 5.0mg 310 m 465 400 250 250 100 38 1.3 mg 0.50m 5.7 m 4.5 m 18 mc 30 mc 38 mc % RDI* PER 8 FL OZ PER 8 FL OZ CALCIUM 2840 IUt 100 IU 20 57 25 67 25 125 50 PHOSPHORUS MAGNESIUM ODINE MANGANESE COPPER ZINC IRON SELENIUM CHROMIUM MOLYBDENUM TAMIN K EAMIN C FOUIC ACID HAMIN MT B ORLAVIN 20 mcg 75 mg 200 mcg 0.75 mg 50 0.85 mg 50 FOR ADULTS AND CHILDRE 4 OR MORE YEARS OF AGE 1590 U OF VITAMIN AAC SUPPLIED BY 12me OF RETO RDI NOT ESTABLISHED For questions or C please call 1-8U se habla espario Pulmocarei ab 2014 Ab L Pat mww.a s 2 #00699 C1057 01 66907 22001 .hk
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雅培 Pulmocare 肺病專用營養飲品 237ml (9罐)

  • 專為患有慢性呼吸阻塞肺病或呼吸衰竭之病人而設
  • 高能量配方(每毫升提供1.5卡路里)
  • 含較低碳水化合物,減少二氧化碳的產生

蝕讓現金價:每罐 HK$18,或 9 罐合共 HK$144 (平均每罐 HK$16)


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