• Arts in Psychotherapy is a private practice providing psychological support with a collaboration of a team of Registered Psychodynamic Arts Psychotherapists, Child Psychoanalyst, Marriage and Family Therapist, Social Worker, Psychologist and Psychiatric Consultant.  

    Arts in Psychotherapy was started with the aim of providing high quality bespoke psychological arts therapy services. We believe there is a strong need to promote the professional practice of Psychology and Arts Psychotherapy in China. This is in a bid to both destigmatise mental illness and optimise psychological well-being.

    Arts (includes sound, play, drama, music, sand play, dance and body movement) in Psychotherapy combines psychotherapy with creative activities to enhance therapeutic effectiveness will be adopted as a holistic and empathetic approach to provide clients with a safe therapeutic space in which to explore any concern. Expressive Arts Therapy develops neuropsychological functioning by encouraging communication between different parts of the brain. This helps the individual to identify and resolve core issues, leading to emotional regulation, personal insight and the ability to change. Arts Therapy requires no artistic skills and is an effective intervention with people of all ages. It can be used to address the majority of psychological and emotional difficulties in a safe and respectful way that is akin to play and not dependent on words alone.

    Arts in Psychotherapy ensures that our client’s needs are met through an individually-tailored, evidence-based approach through the provision of a wide range of specialised arts therapy and psychological consulting services.
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