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2010 The 6th China International Organic and Food Industry Exposition and Summit Forum

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2010 The 6th China International Organic and GreenFood Industry Exposition and Summit Forum  ------the only professional exhibition focusing on the Organic and GreenFood industry in China           Theme of the Exhibition: Create green food trend and lead a healthy Living  Time: Nov 30 -Dec 2,2010                Venue: Exhibition Hall of Shanghai Mart
The research result of World trade organization show that the market of  organic and Green Food Predict optimisticly with better development prospects .the Total sales of organic and Green Food accounted for about 10% of the world food sales for The following several years.people’s request for the quality of agricultural products and food become higer and higher , especially the request for pollution-free food and green food
 At present ,the market of  organic food are increasing at the speed of 20%-30% per year in the world ,and predict that it will reach $100 billion by 2010 .however ,our domestic organic food on the internation market has broader development space, Meanwhile,the request for organic and Green Food on the international market is increasing year by year.so organic food will enter main sales channels and main consumer groups are the persons who always seek high quality.and health food.
Some large-scale food companies are getting into this organic field ,such as such as Nestle,McDonald, etc.,organic agriculture is growing in the whole world scope ,like this, organic food Will increasingly appear in stores and table around the world ,which also Plays more and more important position.in the whole food industry .
   ORGANIZING UNITS Supervised by: ·         China National Food Industry AssociationCNFIA·         Green Industry international AssociationOrganized by·         Market Development of China National Food Industry Association·         Beijing Gold Trade International Exhibition Co., Ltd·         Green Industry international Association·         Shanghai chengguang Exhibition Services co., LtdCo-organizer: ·         China Food Quality Newspaper ·         Food Organic Product Alliance Management·         Hong Kong Nutrition Association(HKNA)·         Health club of taiwan ·         American Nutural Nutrition Association(ANNA) Liaison Department of the Organizing Committee:Add: A/10, Huading Tower, No.2368 West Zhongshan Road,Shanghai, ,China. Postcode: 200235Add: Room 2705, G Block of city one 48#, Wangjing West Road, Beijing, China . Postcode: 100102          Tel: 86-010-64787344  Fax: 86-10-58043750 84414057    E-mail:[email protected]
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