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The 1st World Autism Congress Asia 2010 (WACA 2010) brings together a distinguished group of renowned experts from the United States, Europe and Australia to offer two broad streams of information exchange on biomedical and educational development in autism. This is the first conference of this magnitude to be held in Hong Kong.

The theme of WACA 2010 is "A Roadmap to Recovery." The conference aims to raise awareness, educare and empower those in the autism community including individuals and families with autism spectrum disorder, health professionals, caregivers and educators.

What you learn today will make a difference tomorrow, so join us at WACA 2010.

The Congress will be held at the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine in Aberdeen, Hong Kong Island and take place on May 15/16 2010.

For further info please contact the co-organizer:

Jowyn Tan
Assistant Project Manager
MP International (Asia Pacific) Limited

Pico House, 4 Dai Fu Street
Tai Po Industrial Estate,
Tai Po, New Territories,
Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2660 2847
Fax: (852) 2689 5229
Main: (852) 2509 3430
Email: jowyn.tan@mphk.com