CCT Meridian Analysis System :

1, Portable healthcare device based on TCM meridian with CE certificate

2, Only 5 minutes to get your healthy confition report

3,Provides analysis information on physical energy ,mental-emotion states .

4,Include advice on choice of diet ,nutrition and healthcare based on results of analysis

5,non invasive

CCT Human Meridian Analysis System is based on the traditional chinese medicine ,together with the computer technology ,By testing the energy on the original acupunture points of  12 meridians in human body ,the CCT Human Body Analysis Instrument can timely show the recent energy changes of five-zang organs and six fu organs

How does any institution or person can effectively benefit from CCT Human Body Meridian Analysis System ?

Healthcare Practitioners

Healthcare Practitioners could use CCT to provide patients above 90% accracy for their diagnosis , can find root cause of illness , and give immediate preventive and healthcare advice  . It will help boost healthcare industry .

Health & wellness company

CCT Human Body Meridian Analysis System help increase sales revenue for wellness market nowadays , The extire process only need 5 minutes ,

The report is simple to understand ,will let customer be aware of their health state ,Then have strong intention to improve their health state ,At this time

People prefer to accept healthcare suggustion (like food supplement ,acupunture ,Yoga etc.) by healthcare institution .


It's good to have a instrument to check health state of your families ,friend ,etc .

The report from CCT Human Body Meridian System is easy to understand , And there are much good advice of food ,massage ,life style and emotion .

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