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Mineralysis provides a specialist diagnostic and health screening service to healthcare professionals throughout Hong Kong. Working in close co-operation with Trace Elements Inc. a recognised world leader in the field of hair tissue mineral analysis, we provide the quickest and most advanced analyses currently available combined with up-to-the-minute interpretative reports.

We provide full support and research facilities for doctors wishing to use our service, including a comprehensive local research database for those wishing to undertake further research.

We provide a full range of FDA approved nutritionally superior supplements designed to complement your patient's unique metabolic requirements and gently re-balance their body's biochemistry.

We provide community assessments for exposure to toxic and other metals. This includes statistical support and report writing for organisations undertaking environmental, epidemiological and nutritional studies.

Each year our federally licensed laboratories and research facilities in Dallas, Texas evaluate over 500,000 hair samples for medical practitioners and other healthcare professionals throughout the world. Our head of research, Dr. David Watts is widely regarded as one of the world's foremost authorities in the field of `clinical nutrition and has published over 50 scientific papers on the subject. His work over the past twenty-five years has identified many significant relationships between minerals, vitamins and the neuro-endocrine system. His research culminating from over 300,000 tissue mineral patterns has led to the development and recognition of individual tissue mineral patterns associated with disease trends, metabolic types and even emotional characteristics.