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Counterfeit products,有關假貨。
 The order from the Shanghai court regarding the counterfeit products of Blackhole.  Unfortunately, we stop the production of the Blackhole at one factory, but so many other counterfeit products are still producing in other factories.  We also found there are many counterfeit Blackhole and P-2 available on some bidding website in Hong Kong.  We purchased _disibledevent="GramE">company confirmed that is a counterfeit product.  Also they tested the machine and found that the mosquito capturing capability cannot compare with our products. 
上海法院判斷上海一侵權黑洞,那廠已沒有生產假黑洞了。但我們不能停止其他廠生產假黑洞的問題。 注意:韓國Bio-Trap從來都沒有授權其他公司生產或使用他們專利的光觸媒捕蚊技術。最近本公司在香港很多拍賣網站發現假黑洞,及假黑洞二。經韓國公司驗證後,那些機肯定不是正貨。而且只是冒充了外形,效果不能跟正貨比較。

Secret of Blackhole technology.  黑洞之秘密.
The theory of all our mosquito traps employs nano TiO2 photo catalyst. When the nano TiO2 coating is radiated by UV light, it becomes a very strong oxidation catalyst; which can oxidize VOC to CO2. Mosquito can detect 0.01ppm CO2 concentration change in 10m; and fly to the higher CO2 concentration area. Usually, the CO2 concentration surround Blackhole is about 2ppm higher than background. Further, mosquito's sight can only see the UV light in 2m, once the mosquito sees
the UV, it flies towards the light. That is the secret that our products are so much better than traditional bug zapper or other mosquito traps that only use UV as the attractant.   This photo catalyst technology had been patented and gained the IENA 2000 bronze award.
本公司的捕蚊蠅器最大特點是使用了“納米氧化鈦光觸媒”。當“納米氧化鈦光觸媒”被紫外線照射時,它的表面會形成很強的氧化催化劑,而這氧化催化劑可以把空氣中之有害VOC揮發性有機物質氧化成二氧化碳及水。蚊子一般可探測10米以內0.01 ppm的二氧化碳改變;之後飛向二氧化碳比較高之地方找尋食物。而實驗證實黑洞周邊的二氧化碳含量會比背景高約2 ppm。而且,蚊子的視力是很差的,一般只會看見兩米內的紫外線,當蚊子看到紫外線時,就會被吸引而飛近。以上就是本公司的捕蚊機的捕蚊秘密。利用光觸媒來加強捕蚊效果的技術已取得世界性的專利,而這發明亦獲得IENA德國紐倫堡國際發明展2000銅獎。

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TV commercial of Dyna Trap American version of Blackhole.
美國版 “黑洞” 之電視廣告


A traditional bug zapper at work, very noisy and annoying flash.

Kansas State University researchers had shown that bug zapper can spread germs and virus when killing the insects.
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2009-06-16 There was an fire accident caused by the high voltage from a traditional bug zapper in Taiwan.
2009-06-16 台灣發生了電網式捕蚊燈引起火災


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