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熟客多西餐蠔吧 頂讓 元朗 大牌酒牌 魚生牌

牌照齊、位置非最旺勝在多年熟客 店內齊全 廚房設備齊全
元朗  |  西餐  |  頂讓  |  蠔吧頂讓

頂讓 頂讓 頂手 西貢CAFE, 即頂即做,要快。HK$268,000

西貢CAFE, 即頂即做,要快。HK$268,000
cafe  |  burger  |  saikung  |  coffee  |  selling

The Quay Bar & Restaurant - Private Event & Catering

The Quay is a Simple and Cool Seafood Wine House, opened its first location, in Kennedy Town by the Bay area. The Quay also welcome larger parties or private events.
Tuna  |  Fish  |  Seafood  |  bar  |  restaurant

即頂即做西餐廳*扒房* 意粉*

-人流旺,交通方便 -持永久大食肆牌照及酒牌 -廚房設備新淨,即頂即做

<必試觀塘西餐Cafe - OMG Kitchen> 漢堡·意粉·意大利飯·甜品 | Burger.Pasta.Risotto.Dessert | 自研食譜 | 手打漢堡牛扒 | 各款歐式美食即叫即做

漢堡·意粉·意大利飯·甜品 | 包場 到會 外賣 堂食 | 無線上網 自助叉電 桌上遊戲 書藉借閱 | 超抵 早餐 午餐 下午茶 晚餐 | 歐式.意大利.西班牙.法國菜.Cafe.西餐廳 | 觀塘巧明街105號好運工業大廈7D | T: 34602020 | F: 34602121 | E: [email protected]
外賣  |  觀塘  |  包場  |  漢堡  |  意大利飯


To serve Hong Kong the best pizza, made in the Neapolitan way, using premium and authentic ingredients sourced from Italy. 

La Vache!

To amass a loyal following of Hong Kong diners who return time and time again for the distinctively French dining experience and servings of signature steak frites. 

Maison Libanaise

To showcase the warming nature of Lebanese culture and vibrancy of its food via way of familial hospitality and nourishing authentic, but inventive fare. 


葵涌文青cafe頂讓 上下2層,共32個位 廚房爐具齊全,新裝樂聲冷氣,新pos system,手提落單機 ,磨豆機,茶機,熱陣,炸爐 老闆要照顧屋企人,所以急頂讓,有意請whatsapp 93346221

佐敦Cafe 西餐室顶手

靚装修Coffee Shop,食牌+酒牌,人流暢往大街,午市爆旺




新裝修 有牌照


Californian style Mexican fast casual restaurant 

Sole Mio 

Sole Mio - the Italian Restaurant in the heart of Soho

Ice Mango Cafe 芒果冰

10% off and FREE Dessert ( for limited time only )

Fish and Meat

At Fish & Meat, we specialize in ingredients that speak for themselves and food that you crave week in, week out. 
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