HYAKU 堅持所有產品的材料只包含 100%天然新鮮蔬菜和水果,並無添加。 製作過程選用外國流行及認可的冷壓技術保留及攝取比其他果汁高的營 養價值。傳統搾汁機及攪拌機會在製作過程因摩擦而產生熱力,大大減 少及破壞生果蔬菜天然的營養 。 HYAKU 所有產品都是採用冷壓技術製作,製作過程中完全不產生熱力及 不經高溫處理,確保 100%新鮮原材料的纖維及營養全都保留在新鮮製成 的果汁裡。
HYAKU is the largest cold pressed brand in Hong Kong distributing to more than 500 outlets in Hong Kong. Our drinks are crafted using cold pressed technology. Without the heat generated by friction in traditional blenders and juicers, we ensure that maximum fibers, nutrients and enzymes are preserved and retained in our finished product.


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Visit our website www.hyaku-living.com for more details. 

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