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Boncafe' (Hong Kong) Limited

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Boncafé has been supplying coffee and coffee machines to Hong Kong and Macau for over thirty years. Our coffee products include whole beans, ground coffee, capsule coffee and instant coffee. Maintenance and servicing of professional coffee machines is provided by our factory-trained in-house team of technicians and engineers. Moreover, we supply premium teas, chocolate, syrups and sauces. Call us now for details at 2415 6080.

Boncafé一直為香港和澳門的餐飲酒店業提供咖啡及咖啡機等設備,已有超過三十多年歷史。我們的咖啡產品包括咖啡豆,咖啡粉,膠囊咖啡及即溶咖啡。我們亦供應優質茶品,巧克力,糖漿和調味醬等完善餐飲配套。此外,Boncafé擁有專業的技術支援團隊,為客戶提供咖啡機的保養及維修服務。想了解更多, 請致電 2415 6080。

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