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PRAT-AR-COUM Oysters are imported and distributed in Hong Kong by M&C ASIA Ltd. We Provide a HOME DELIVERY every week.

All Infos & Inquiries : www.mnc-asia.com

* Order Enquiries each Monday : 6pm max. 

* Delivery on the same week : Thursday or Friday from 2 to 8pm

Delivery service
* HKD 350 Minimum order and Free delivery from HKD 700 and above (HK Island & Kowloon)
* Delivery service charge applies below HKD 700 (HKD 80 for HK Island and HKD 120 for TST & Kowloon)
* Possibility to collect your order at our base in Happy Valley or Sheung Wan (call us for more details)* Free Oyster knife provided for each 1st order 

You can already enjoy the well known PRAT-AR-COUM oysters in some of the finest restaurants and oysters bars in Hong Kong such as Agnes b. Le Pain Grille, The Press Room, Caprice, Oyster Station, Oyster C.

Since 1898, the Madec family have been breeding and distributing the popular PRAT-AR-COUM oysters to the most renowned restaurants in France and abroad.             

This incomparable know-how has been passed down through five generations to make the development of this oyster a state of the art tradition.       

PRAT-AR-COUM oysters have been awarded multiple times at the official “Agricultural General Concours of Paris”, the most prestigious recognition in France.            

They received the Silver medal in 1998, 2007 & 2008 and the Gold medal in 1999, 2002, 2003, 2004 & 2009 (“Fine” category).             

PRAT-AR-COUM oysters have been chosen by many famous chefs (Michelin star-rated) such as Guy Savoy***, Alain Ducasse***, or Pierre Gagnaire***.

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