Catering Service 餐飲到會服務

We offer one-stop professional catering service for parties and events  我們為派對活動提供一站式專業的餐飲到會服務:

Venus Steak House Catering Service 維納斯扒房餐飲到會服務

Venus Steak House Catering Service 維納斯扒房餐飲到會服務

Private Parties: Wedding Party Catering, Engagement Party Catering, Birthday Party Catering, Baby Hundred Days Feast Catering…
私人派對:  婚宴到會、訂婚派對到會、生日派對到會、嬰兒百日宴到會…

Corporate/Company/Organization Parties/Events: Grand Opening Catering, Company Celebration Party Catering, Company Anniversary Party Catering, Company Annual Lunch or Dinner Catering, Annual General Meeting Catering, Boss Birthday Party Catering, Farewell Parties Catering, Product Launch Event Catering, Seminars, Festival Parties Catering…
企業/公司/組織派對活動: 公司盛大開業到會、公司慶功宴到會、公司週年晚會到會、公司年度午宴或晚宴到會、年度股東大會到會、老闆生日派對到會、歡送會到會、產品發布會到會、研討會到會、節日慶典到會…

Institutions and organizations / Academic / Religious groups: Organizations’ Association/gatherings Catering, School Graduation Party Catering, Student Union activities Catering, Religion Group activities Catering, Institutions Association party Catering…
機構組織/學界/教會團體: 機構組織聯誼會/聚會到會、學校畢業派對到會、學生會活動到會、教會活動到會、院校聯誼派對到會…

With our one-stop catering service that covers everything from food to labor, you will be worry-free for holding any party or event

Food : Customized menu for catering each party or event
食物: 每個派對或活動定制餐飲到會菜單
The catering menu generally includes areas as below:
1. Appetizers & Snacks 前菜小食
2. Salad 沙律
3. Cold Platter 冷拼盤
4. Soup 湯
5. Sandwiches & Wraps 三文治和卷物
6. Pasta or Baked Rice 意大利面或焗飯
7. Carving & Hot Dishes (Mainly meat) 燒物及熱菜 (主要是肉類)
8. Desserts 甜品
9. Drinks 飲料

For each area above, we have a great variety of choices for your unique party or event. 對於上述每個領域,我們有很多不同的選擇供你選擇,能讓您有一個獨特的派對或活動。

Labor: On-site Waiters/Waitresses service
人力: 現場服務員服務

Please contact us with the following basic information so that we can immediately give you a suggested catering menu and a quote for the party or event to be held.

1. Type of party or event 派對活動類型
2. Date and time of the party or event to be held 舉辦派對活動日期及時間
2. Venue (if any – If you don’t have a venue, we can find one suitable for your party or event) 場地 (如有 – 如果你沒有場地,我們可以替你找到一個適合你派對或活動的場地)
3. Estimated number of persons attending the party or event 估計出席派對或活動人數
4. Budget (if any) 財政預算 (如有)

You are welcomed at any time contact us. We will get back to you within hours. Thank You.

Address : G/F, 47-49 TAI TSUN St., TAI KOK TSUI, KOWLOON
地址: 九龍大角咀大全街 47-49 地下

TEL: 2396 8366

Whatsapp/Wechat: 9675 8148


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