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專營生蠔批發, 提供新鮮生蠔給各餐廳及酒店等等。
而現在我們提供各生蠔食品到會服務, 詳情可登入我們Facebook fans page:  

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/oyster.pro

訂購熱線: 5541 0682 Yann  

Oyster-Pro is a trusted & experienced oyster & seafood wholesaler based in Hong Kong.
We aim at providing fresh and excellent quality oyster & seafood at a reasonable price
along with a satifactory service to our customers in Greater China.   We distribute oyster
& seafood to many famous hotels,  restaurants, etc.
Our reasonable price of products and reliable service make us earn a good reputation in
 the catering industry.


Mall-E 精選產品