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    J& @cfǐ濔 Eq名稱:花蓮瑞穗 園名稱:屏東大武in 處理場名稱: Origin36 處理方式:水洗e2 日期:年月 HSu1a EM:台中大雪山 名稱:台灣阿里山咖啡 期:年月日   liqueur,bottle,distilled beverage,glass bottle,drink
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Origin 36 台灣直送 ~~ 新鮮烘焙精品咖啡 !!



台灣直送 ~~ 新鮮烘焙精品咖啡

Origin 36 為閣下提供魅力非洲及周遊台灣精品咖啡套裝,以不同的後置方法處理;水洗法, 日曬法及蜜處理法,為咖啡帶來不一樣的香氣,適合手沖及虹吸壺沖煮法,歡迎選購。


詳細咖啡豆訂購單及風味介紹,請瀏覽本公司網站 www.origin36.com 


一經訂購, 7天內從台灣直送香港!!


價格: HK$100 - HK$220 (100-230g) 

單次訂購滿HK$450或以上免運費!!  (運費HK$50)




歡迎電郵查詢 info.origin36@gmail.com








~ Roast by Order – directly from Taiwan **

Come & try Origin 36s Specialty Coffee selection of Wild Africa & Go - Around Taiwan Series !!

Processing: Honey process, natural & washed

* Brewing method : Hand Drip & Syphon * 
(User-friendly brewing equipment is also available here )


Price from HK$100 - 220 (100-230g)

No courier charge for consumption at or above HKD450. Courier charge HKD50 for consumption below HKD450.



For Origin 36s detailed item list, please visit our website at www.origin36.com

Delivery within 7 days upon receiving your order


To place an order, please send us email at info.origin36@gmail.com 







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