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Cake Temptations 點點心思為你造出獨一無二的特色蛋糕 birthday cake │ wedding cake │ 3Dcake │ 3D蛋糕 │ 特色蛋糕 │ 結婚蛋糕 │ 生日蛋糕

birthday cake │ wedding cake │ 3Dcake │ 3D蛋糕 │ 特色蛋糕 │ 結婚蛋糕 │ 生日蛋糕
Cake Temptations 點點心思

Cake Temptations 點點心思自2004年起, 為無數客人帶來令人驚喜的特色蛋糕!
我們的宗旨是讓蛋糕帶給你和親友快樂甜蜜的回憶!我們的產品包括3D蛋糕, 名牌系列蛋糕, 結婚蛋糕, 卡通人物造型蛋糕, 相片蛋糕等等. 我們亦歡迎來圖訂造, 為客人造出獨一無二的特色蛋糕!

Cake Temptations重視顧客的意見及每天不斷改善,時至今日:
- 超過90%顧客滿意我們的蛋糕和服務

- 當中85%顧客”非常滿意”我們的蛋糕設計及味道

- 擁有超過 1500 個款式供選擇

- 7天準時送貨及保溫袋包裝

- 擁有全港最多3D蛋糕味道選擇

- 用料上乘,由歐洲及美國入貨

快來試試Cake Temptations無法抵擋的甜蜜誘惑!

網頁: http://www.caketemptations.com.hk/
電郵: inquiry@caketemptations.com.hk
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/caketemptationshk
電話: 852-2836 3388
傳真: 852-2690 4473
地址: 葵涌葵豐街53-57號福業大廈19樓05室

Cake Temptations was founded by a group of enthusiastic cake lovers in 2004.

Our mission is to produce bakery products that can leave wonderful memories for you and your family and friends!
We specialize in birthday, wedding, children and corporate celebrations.

We are confident on our service. Here are the reasons:
- Over 90% of guests satisfied with our cake and service
- Over 85% of guests commented 'Very Satisfied!' on the cake outlook and taste.
- Wide varieties products selections with over 1500 selections
- 7 days delivery service. Guarantee on-time delivery in protective bags.
- We have the greatest varieties of flavor selections for 3D cakes in Hong Kong.
- We use quality ingredients from Europe and US.

Come and enjoy the sweet temptations that you can't resist now!
Address: Flat 5, 19/F, Fook Yip Building, 53-57 Kwai Fung Crescent, Kwai Chung, NT

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