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Since its establishment in 1978, Nam Fung Development Ltd. has been providing excellent nursery services, for retail and for rental. We also design and construct appealing landscape gardens. Every year we import Christmas trees and poinsettia from USA, and also offer wide variety of flowers for the Chinese New year including peach blossoms, tangerine, peony and narcissus.



Our clientele are leaders in their fields. To name a few famous names in our extensive list: (Hotel) Hilton, Furama, Mandarin Oriental, J.W. Marriott, Prudential, YMCA; (Bank) Chase, Citibank, American Express, IBA; (Commercial building) Wheelock House, China Building, Island Beverley Centre; other eminent brands include Coca-Cola, Star Ferry, Cathay Pacific, Jardine Fleming, Madame Tussauds Museum, Ko Shan Theatre and Civil Engineering Department, etc.




Plants bring vivacity to residence, office and hotel. Philodendron, bamboo palm, lady palm, rubber plant, chinaberry, ivy are some of the most popular and easy-to-care plants. For retail and for rental.


We beautify the environment by designing and constructing tasteful landscape gardens of various natures including greenery, rockery, fish pond, pool, islet, stream, waterfall, bridge, path, tunnel, pergola and patio, etc.



Enhance the ambiance of Christmas with bushy and aromatic Noble Fir / Douglas Fir imported directly from USA. Choose from the wide variety of shapes and sizes. And don’t forget the shiny poinsettia.



Tick your pick in the extensive range of choice peach blossoms and top-quality tangerine and mandarin. They are not just decorations. They improve your luck and add class to wherever you want them to be.



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