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Provide jewelry design which fits your requirement. Rhino,Matrix,rendering or hand sketchs

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For commercial use, I can deisgn the accessories and draw in CAD  for you to do manufacturing. And the deisgn can follow yours or your companys required. From the order apply till to the design complete, you need to wait for three days(include non-working days). The price also can deal with me.( The price count in hours~About $70, I would tell u how many hours I need to finish after watching your design sketches or types)


For personal use, I will talk chart with you to get idea or you can give me the idea then I would produce it. The time wasting must be longer beacause I may produce it by hand made. The price also can deal with me.


Not only jewelry design and produce,  I also do the graphic works like post card, leaflet, poster, banner, business card design through the Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop. Welcome to contact me and thanks for providing opportunities to me.

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