MAJADE DESIGN是本地原創品牌,為香港註冊商標。

我們的理念是“ From our imagination right into your hands",以我們的原創設計帶給你嶄新,獨特的創作意念。




1. 高服務質素:超過10年的珠寶設計工作經驗,能我們可以提供不同種類的產品服務,由量產以至單件設計均能應付自如。

2. 有效率工作流程:由概念設計以至產品完成均由我們一手包辦,省卻不同部門溝通時間。

3. 信心選擇:現為不同的客戶服務,所有業務資料均為保密。

4. 資源耗費:提供一站式服務可以為貴 公司省卻大筆內部費用資源。

5. 彈性收費:服務種類多元化,我們可以提供單純設計服務,或一站式由設計至生產都能提供。



1. 市場研究和分析

2. 提供Mood Board或設計建議書

3. 產品繪圖 (手繪和CAD圖)

4. 與工廠生產聯絡,提供工作單(按需要可以提供找新廠服務)

5. 樣品跟進監測(蠟模,銀模等檢視)

6. 負責量產和質量控制




Tel: 6851-0537 / 6932-2026


Address: G/F Shop, 10 Montane Mansion, 1028 Kings Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong


Majade Design is a trademark registered company.

Our motto is "From your imagination right into your hands"

Our jewelry designer Morris has over 10 years experience in design industry, he has deep insights about trends worldwide. 

Good design and a nice sample line is critical to jewelers in this ever changing high competitive environment. Yet an entire product development team takes a lot of resources; and sometimes good design simply needs a set of fresh eyes. MAJADE offers design and product development service that is an exciting alternative for you. Top 5 reasons that you will love working with us:


1. Work quality: With decade of experience designing a wide range of products from bulk production work to unique one offs

2. Easy procedure: We provide one-stop-soluation service from market research to making finish goods

3. Confidence: We result with great market success and satisfied customers. Also highly discreet, all your developments are confidential

4. Resource saving: As compare to hiring full time your company will save a great deal of resources

5. Flexible rates: We can develop your collection from sketch to product, or just by designs depending on your needs 


We can condut all work process from idea to finish goods. Just let us know some basic information (target customer, region, price point, product category..) and we will develop your line of jewelry collection. Our work flow run from: 


1. Market research and analysis

2. Mood board or concept proposal 

3. Drawings (hand sketch and CAD model)

4. Worksheets and communication with factory (sourcing too if required)

5. Samples follow up and monitor (wax mod review, silver mold review...)

6. Bold production and quality control  


Please contact us: 


Tel: 6851-0537 / 6932-2026


Address: G/F Shop, 10 Montane Mansion, 1028 Kings Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong