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室內設計服務 - 餐廳/商業室內設計

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內設計服務 - 餐廳/商業室內設計

Interior Design Services - Commercial / F&B Interior Design




Our team has been working in interior design industry for a long time. Team members are young, energetic and have an excellent sense of design. We are capable of utilizing different design elements to incorporate into client’s branding and products.

We have completed a wide variety of project types including high end restaurants; luxury hotels; fitness centres and retail stores etc. These projects are located in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, Manila and Australia etc.



- Service included design, construction drawings (full set – floor plans, elevations, details etc), 3D rendering, implementation management etc.



Quotation (with payment schedule) and portfolio will be provided when requested. Under normal circumstances, a deposit of 30% of the fee will be required as a down payment.



- Our team is experienced, and skilful in interior design, we are also responsible, on time for every submission, and passionate in interior design. Please feel free to contact us for job inquiries. Look forward to hearing from you!



E-mail: [email protected]

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