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BurnViz - 3D Rendering 效果圖 - 特快出圖

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Burn Visualization (BurnViz) 是一支擁有多位豐富經驗的全職效果圖繪圖師之專業團隊. 我們了解每個項目對於客戶的重要性,為著與客戶建立長久合作關係並達至三贏局面,我們定必全力以赴.
BurnViz is a professional visualization team. We understand how important of each project to the customers, we must do our best to achieve a win-win-win situation to built up a long term relationships with our customers.

BurnViz 只提供 住宅辦公室 效果圖 及 全景圖 服務
We provide the 3D rendering service for Residential and Office only.
服務範圍 Service:
  • 3D 效果圖 3D rendering/ Visualization
  • 3D 全景效果圖 3D Panorama Rendering
服務收費 Price:
3D 效果圖 3D rendering:
  • 住宅: 每張 $1000 - $1500
  • Residential: $1000-$1500 each view
  • 辦公室: 每張 $1200 - $1800
  • Office: $1200-$1800 each view
3D 全景效果圖 3D Panorama Rendering:
  • 住宅: 每個視點 $1800 - $2500
  • Residential: $1800 - $2500 each view point
  • 辦公室: 每張視點 $2000 - $2800
  • Office: $2000 - $2800 each view point
折扣 Special Offer:
於同一項目效果圖達 5 張或以上可享 9 折優惠
Special 10% discount for the project up to 5 or more renderings.
增值服務 Additional Service:
小圖期間修改次數 2Including 2 amendments on preview stage
大圖提交後 1次修改 Including 1 amendment after hi-res submitted
特別指定家私 2Including 2 specially selected furniture
效果圖大圖尺寸 3D Rendering Final output size: 3000 pixel
隨時監督製作過程 Live Production
服務流程 Production Workflow:
報價 Quotation:
客戶提供相關資料 平面圖、立面圖、天花圖、材料規格、家私規格、手繪、標注及參考圖等以作報價.
Client should provide those itmes for the quotation such as Layout Plan, Elevation, Ceiling Plan, Material and Furniture spec., Sketch, Indication and Reference image etc.
制作 Production:
After confirm the quote and deposit settled, We according to the informaiton to provide the model view for the angle selection and model review in one day.
第一次意見或修改 (模型及角度)
Comment from client (model and angle)
角度及模型確定後, 小圖將於亦日或之前提交
The preview rendering with lighting and material in next day upon the angle and model confirmed.
第二次意見或修改 (物料顏色或燈光)
Comment from client (material color or lighting)
最終成品 Final Submission:
最終大圖 JPG 或TIF 將於小圖確定及餘款支付後 1-2 小時內提交
The final hi-res production in JPG or TIF format will submit in around 1-2 hours once the preview confirmed and the balance payment settled.


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Should you have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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