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CORPWELL INTERIOR DESIGN 堅煒室內設計 - 提供專業優質室內設計裝修服務, 辦公室室內設計, 裝修, Office Interior Design, Office Design

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堅煒室內設計( 香港 )有限公司( CORPWELL INTERIOR DESIGN ( HONG KONG ) LTD.http://www.corpwell-design.com 提供一站式室內設計及裝修服務,以提供優質售前及售後服務且以"誠信"專營室內設計及裝修工程服務為本。



 主力承接 辦公室設計住宅設計商店及時裝店室內設計及裝修工程服務。 

 Corpwell Interior Design Homepage : http://www.corpwell-design.com
Corpwell Interior Design Blog1 : http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/corpwelldesign
Corpwell Interior Design Blog2 : http://corpwell-design.blogspot.com/

Corpwell Interior Design Limited ( www.corpwell-design.com) provides professional interior design planning to each of our clients to fulfill your aim at functional requirements with the most cost-effective solutions for your space.

The design stage is where we lay a foundation of research and creative thinking that the entire project is then built upon. It is the important decision-making juncture where a smart business investment pays off in increased efficiency and productivity.

Our over 10 years experience interior designers/contractors combined knowledge and experience brings to your project will assure that the results are a perfect fit with your unique needs.

Specialists in :

- Commercial Office Interior Design
- Office Space Planning Design
- Office Filing Storage Planning Design
- Functionality Planning Design;
- Residential Design;
- Retail Outlet Design;
- Furniture Design & Production

Scope of Services...

We act as your one-stop services provider


Pre-Lease Stage
- Analysis of your premises space
- Analysis of your specific requirements, likes and dislikes, site limitations, and
budget expectations
- Relevant building ordinances and government laws research


Interior Design Stage
- Formulate for client discussion and approval preliminary plans and design
concepts that are appropriate and describe the character, function, and aesthetic of the project


Construction Stage
- Project management & regular report to clients
- Liaison with involved parties like building management office, building's
nominated fire service fitters, telephone & broadband suppliers, CCTV suppliers & even down to removal arrangement

Should you need further information, please visit our homepage : www.corpwell-design.com or simply call us at (852) 3592 9975 for details.

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