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品牌設計與服務 - 在商助商創建策略、身份和互動,建立良好的品牌定位

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    GRAPH PRESS RES Metro Boomin Production MANUFACTURE ECODE ASTROCLUB COINCAP conpass DRAP 魚肉太太 No Holds Barred. 鯪魚肉專賣店 .hk  Logo,Graphic design,Font,Brand,Graphics
    ASTRONOMER NOMER .hk  Polar bear,Feather,Illustration,Paper,
    MCIin concert 201 in my dream MCJI [ 11 Jaffy Dream n My 館見演唱會 BS Venue: Rotunda, G/F, Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre Date: 16 December 2011 Time: 8:00 pm Price: HK$380/ HK$280 Online Ticketing: www.hkticketing.com Ticketing Hotline: (852) 3128 8288 Enquiry: 18521 2785 2708 China Ticketing Hotline: 1861 020 8109 6060 Photographer: Comme @ Domnestudio Ltd Poster Design: Eins Kee尊conmestudia lid Nakeup: Nichelle Tong Andy Organizers: Main Sponsor: Co- sponsor: ROMAG  Poster,Graphic design,Photography,
    EYEWEAR #02 L00K  Eyewear,Gentleman,Chin,Forehead,Glasses
     Clothing,Pattern,Polka dot,Pink,Design
    黑鷹水産× CAFÉ DE ONE * 海鮮加工Ad 即買,即煮,即食 享嗨鮮 宴/ 成宣 Fresh Sealood 黑鷹水產 正一冰室 營業時間:上午7時-晚上8時 營業時間:上午6時半-凌晨1時 No: PT 78-79 電話: 2845 8022 /2845 8033 No : PT 028 .ik  Dish,Cuisine,Comfort food,Meal,Advertising


  '牌設計與服務 創建策略、身份和互動,建立良好的品牌定位 '  





  • 商標及品牌形象設計
  • 平面海報設計
  • 繪製數位插畫
  • 展覽宣傳品
  • 產品及贈品設計
  • 包裝設計
  • 網頁設計
  • 社交平台設計及營運
  • 室內,空間設計
  • 繪製室內施工圖,效果圖
  • 小型工程申請服務
  • 飲食牌照申請服務











電話:(+852) 6200-2303 暨先生/(+852) 9165-5989 羅小姐

Whatsapp(+81) 80-8805-8953 暨先生/(+852) 9165-5989 羅小姐

電郵:[email protected]









/Build up a strong brand image and position your brand to make it stand out./


We provide design and a series of services for your business - including logo, advertising, packaging, spatial design, minor works and food licence services..etc. Up till now, our team has been experienced for more than 8 years. Through relevant services to assist company owners and start up owners to develop their own business strategies, identities and interactions, build up a better brand image and positioning. Business owners would able to connect their own brands with people and step it to a notch.


Services including:-

  • Logo and brand identity design
  • Poster design
  • Digital illustration
  • Promotion material design
  • Product and gift design
  • Packaging design
  • Web design
  • Social media design and management
  • Interior and spatial design
  • Shop drawing, floor plan drawing and rendering
  • Minor works application services
  • Food licences application services








For any inquiries about our services and information, please feel free to contact us via:-


Phone: (+852) 6200-2303 Elvis Kee(+852) 9165-5989 Sharon Lo

Whatsapp: (+81) 80-8805-8953 Elvis Kee(+852) 9165-5989 Sharon Lo

Email: [email protected]


We will reach you very soon, please stay tuned!

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