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[Michelle Au Design] 網頁及平面設計師 Freelance Web & Graphic Designer

此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性 更新於: 2018-03-24 刊登者: Michelle Au

我是Michelle Au, 一個專業的自由平面及網頁設計師。我的設計兼備美觀,整潔及時尚的原素及不同風格。俱備有多年的經驗,為不同的品牌和產品作出合適的設計,亦非常了解現時消費市場的發展及需要。我也非常熟悉商業印刷技術,能夠製作出合乎客戶的預算及生產技術上所需的最佳具功能性的設計。對客戶來說,我是一個非常容易溝通, 可靠的合作伙伴,總是能夠快速的回覆及準時交貨。客戶可以用不同方式跟我聯絡, 如電子郵件電話WhatsApp 和 Facebook, 非常方便 。

Hello, I am Michelle. A freelance graphic & web designer. I design beautiful, clean & chic graphics and good with various of different styles. I have years of experience working with brands & products, and understand the consumer market trends very well. I’m also very knowledgeable in commercial printing, capable in working within client’s budget & technical needs to come up with best functional designs. I pride myself on reliable communications with my clients and very easy and friendly to work with, always easy to be reached: by email, phone, WhatsApp and Facebook


PORTFOLIO: www.michelleau.design
EMAIL: [email protected]
MOBILE / WHATSAPP: +852 5472 0844

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