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Adobe Cloud 以外另一選擇 - Xara Designer Pro X11

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Xara Designer Pro X11 - Adobe 另一選擇 (購買)

Adobe Cloud 以外另一選擇 - Xara Designer Pro X11,功能近似 Photoshop | Illustrator | Dreamweaver (有使用手冊/教學 video) - 永久使用只需 HKD 2400







Download Leaflet

使用教學 Sample



Beginners Guide to Web Designer


Art Brushes

Theres a big step forward for the Brush Tool with significant improvements to the existing Scatter Brushes and a totally new type of Art Brush.

Scatter Brushes repeat shapes along a line and you can now create them using any type of object (so for example you could include feathering or extrusions). Art Brushes stretch a vector shape or bitmap along the line.

v11 includes a large collection of ready made Art Brushes, but you can easily create your own

Xara owners Frances Proctor and Penny ORorke have been quick off the mark in making creative use of the new Art Brushes. Were looking forward to seeing your examples in the Art Gallery forum of TalkGraphics.com

Liquify Shape Editing Tools

Fans of the Shape Painter Tool will love the extra flexibility offered by a new selection of vector shape editing tools (in the drop down list in the Shape Painter InfoBar).

Example using the Warp Liquify Tool


Fast, non-destructive photo handling

Xara Designer Pro photo handling beats other graphics programs on many fronts. Its much, much faster, produces smaller files and its non-destructive. It makes the perfect photo composition tool.

Adobe Photoshop® Plug-ins

Xara Designer Pro supports Adobe Photoshop® plug-ins. Theres already a huge range of such plug-ins available, both free and commercial, for creating a variety of effects that would take a lifetime to explore. 

HTML Website Creation

Xara Designer Pro includes a complete website creation feature that enables you to design state of the art, mobile-ready websites with ease, including mouseover and pop-up effects, NavBars and menus, animations and widgets. One click preview and free web hosting included. Its the worlds most advanced WYSIWYG web page creator - and with no HTML skills required!

Responsive & Mobile Friendly Sites

With Designer Pro you can create multipe variants of a site - eg desktop, tablet, mobile - which are exported as a single HTML file, so that your site will dynamically change layout in response to the screen size of the viewer.

Does your website pass the Google mobile-friendly test? If not, you need Designer Pro X11!


Were all used to the idea of websites presented as separate pages, where you have to click a link to navigate from one page to another. Designer Pro offers the option to present your whole site as one single, fast scrolling document using scroll or swipe to navigate. Or you can present one page at a time in the traditional way, but with super-slick animated page transitions triggered by scroll, swipe or click.


Working with industry standards is vital, so Xara Designer Pro sites are W3C compliant, cross browser compatible (IE 8+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) and XHTML, CSS standards based.

PSD Support

Xara Designer Pro has full support for importing and exporting Adobe Photoshop® PSD files including layer support.

Color Separation Support

Xara Designer Pro offers the ability to produce CMYK color separations. This includes on-screen preview of CMYK and spot color plates, PANTONE® color support, spot colors, on-screen printer gamut preview and a lot more.

Hexadecimal RGB color
Being able to select colors based on their hexadecimal value is vital for web designers. That way you can match your graphics with colors from the standard web safe color palette, that you use on your web page.

Often a designer will want to match a graphic color with the background color placed in a cell of a table for example. As HTML uses hexadecimal values (eg. #CCCCFF) to represent colors, it is extremely useful to be able to specify these colors within a drawing package.

Especially for web designers, Xara Designer Pro has a Hexadecimal RGB Web Color option which allows just this.

Color support

Xara Designer Pro has a comprehensive color system which enables you to alter the colors of objects directly or create your own colors, with names, which you can apply to multiple objects. 

With Xara Designer Pros unique Linked Colors feature, it is very easy to create a drawing containing many shades of a color and with one alteration, immediately change the color of the whole picture. Simply pick a new master theme color and all linked shades and tones adjust automatically.

You can work in CMYK, RGB, HSV, greyscale or Hexadecimal RGB web color mode. 


Microsoft® Windows® Vista® | 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10
Intel® Celeron® or newer, or AMD® Sempron® or newer
500MB of RAM
300MB of available hard-disk space

Note: The recommended minimum for the PhotoLooks plug-in is 2GB RAM and 15GB of hard disk space.

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