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OEM CLEANING KITSWhy use our cleaning products?Area of application: Cleaning of all forms of printer/flying heads as well as chassis of related equipment.Cleaning products for thermal ID card printers

Regardless of use, sooner or later your printer for data or cards will become dirty because of dust, glue residue or other external influences. These impurities adhere to and are burnt into the printer head. This is easily noticed by waning sharpness of the printing, blurred photos or any data on the cards, which can lead to an expensive change of printer head if the printer is not cleaned. For best printing quality and service life, clean your printer at regular intervals.

How do use our cleaning kits:Our products are thoroughly tested and easy to use. As user, you do not have to handle messy spray bottles which dispense the cleaning fluid unevenly. Just tear off the top of the packaging and use the product.With normal use, the equipment will be kept in top condition and attain longer service life. Our products are recommended and used by a large number of OEM producers of printers and magnetic card readers.How long keep the cleaning cards:It Can be stored for up to 2 years without any reduction of effect.