Fashion Factory

Our company has its own factories that are specialized in producing all kinds of high fashion processing. Once the client sent an email or mail (which can be drawings or photos of the pattern or the samples) to our company that includes the style of clothing they want, we will provide a coordinated process such as setting up the case, ordering the materials that are needed, following the case meanwhile producing the products and delivering it to the client. If it’s needed, our company can send staff straight to the client’s door step for discussion (Hong Kong only).

We accept order of CMT or FOB, and the amount of orders is not limited.

Fabrics to choose can be knit, woven, PVC, fur, genuine leather and so on.

There are embroidery, printing, beadings, pyrograph, washing, dyeing, hand-painted flowers, embroidery flowers, laser, fabric composite, or gluing for supporting the processing.

Since there are too many types of fashion styles to list here, you are welcome to contact us anytime by sending email to: if you have questions or need other information.


本公司自設廠房,專業承接生產各類高級時裝加工 , 客人把雖要的款式資料電郵或郵寄到本公司 ( 劃圖 / 相片或提供樣辦等的資料均可 ) 便能由起辦,採購,跟單,生產大貨至運輸能全為客人提供一條龍式服務,如客戶有雖要 , 本公司可安排同事上門跟進款式洽談 ( 上門只限香港 )

接受CMT或FOB單 , 做貨數量不限

針織 / 梳織 / PVC / 皮草 / 真皮等布種均可

可有車花 / 印花 / 釘珠 / 燙石 / 洗水 / 染色 / 手繪花 / 手秀花 / 雷射 / 布料覆合 / 過膠等加工配套

因時裝種類款式繁多不能盡錄 , 如雖其它資料或查詢 , 歡迎隨時聯絡洽談