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此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性 更新於: 2013-08-10 刊登者: Woops Workshop

Woops Workshop 是一所以設計為主的工作室,提供服裝/制服及平面方面的設計服務,以及服裝/制服采購和製造。


1. 時裝方面的資訊。作為以設計為本的工作室,我們深明服裝趨勢,亦更容易跟客戶設計師溝通;
2. 包攬所有設計方面的工作。客戶能從而集中資源於其他方面;  
3. 多元化及多工種服裝製造。自家廠房能操作梳織類、針織類、男/女裝的製造,並且能自行操作繡花、印花、洗水及各項人手釘珠等;同時亦可生產婚紗及晚裝;
4. 非常高的彈性。所有服裝,從最低一件起,均能製作。

Woops Workshop is a one-stop ODM company providing services of design on fashion and graphic, and sourcing & production of garments.

Our strengths are :  

1. We are fashion lover - we are designer-based and familiarize the fashion trend. Your design is easy to be interpreted by us and then turn into a product;  
  2. Capable to create design works for you to minimize your work;
3. Capable to handle various kinds of products: Mens, Ladies, Woven, Knits, Embroidery, Printing, Beading & Washing, and even wedding gown & evening dress;
4. Capable to handle very small order even one piece.

In addition, we are also selling stock garments but that will depend on the stock availability at a specific moment.


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