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    Primeval Cave Use light to create a cave art 88DB.com  sky
    El Duxu Cavs Primeval Cave At Hostelwl be locate near to El Buxu Cave. The concept is using the art in cave whch is a part of human origin habbit E. 8uxu cave is situated in θ Urnestone outcrop. in a small-sley occupied oy the Entrepens stream. This is s trbutary of the River Guens, which in turn flows into the River Sella at Cangas de Onis, a town a tevw kilometres away trom Cueva del Buxu The cave was discovered by chance in December 1916 by one Cesare Cardin, an habltual ccllabrato r the archaolagcal digs nf Hug: Ohermater and Cond de la vega del Sella. These had asked him to visit Cueva de Las Inxanas, locatod In the same hill as Cueva de Buxu C Cd n mistaking El Buxu for thet cave ntered and found its examples of parietal art. El Buxu Cave My design is using the cave to e the hostel and keep the El Buxu Cave to be a cave art galery In my layout plan the function room wil be lift up and the original ground srea will be tor gallery use. 15 atudios blocks will be on the top righ: sid text
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3D Rendering

Freelance for 3D Architecture, Products, Interior Design Rendering.

The prices will be around HKD 640 up (for A5 150 DPI)

If you are interested it. Please contact me.

My portfolio website: https://www.jerrylamportfolio.com

本人為 3D 建築, 產品, 室內設計渲染。 價錢由港幣 640 起 (A5 150 DPI)。


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