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ve cross disc repair kit 1 460 140 334 for bosch cross disc replacement

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to sell #  ve cross disc repair kit 1 460 140 334 for bosch cross disc replacement #

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China Lutong Parts Plant is a professional manufacturer of diesel auto parts, integrating production, sales and service. Through the exhibition, we will broaden our horizons, open up ideas, learn advanced technologies, and share and cooperate to expand the company's visibility and influence in the oil pump nozzle industry. As an expert in diesel injection systems, our products include two categories: common rail system products and traditional pump series. This time we recommend common rail system products such as common rail nozzles, Common rail control valves, common rail injectors, etc. .Of course, traditional products remain: for example, VE, DPA, DPS and DP200. head rotor ans so on.


>> warranty and gurantee

We guarantee the parts are original and genuine .


Why you should only fit Genuine Delphi Parts

> High quality design and manufacturing

> Provide the optimum performance

> Rigorously tested & approved for safe road use

> Meet or exceed OE specifications

> Ease of fitment due to OE spec design


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 Bosch cross Disc

bosch cross disc for sale

bosch cross disc image

bosch cross disc injector

bosch cross disc kit

bosch cross disc nozzle

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