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buy russian nozzles DLLA148P2222 Apply for WEICHAI WP12 EURO

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    2008 SGS 143P96 ▲ CHINA-LUTONG 中路通 件|PARTS PLANT  Product,Font,Cylinder,Nozzle,

buy russian nozzles DLLA148P2222 Apply for WEICHAI WP12 EURO

NY Product Description:

Item Name: buy russian nozzles 
OE No.: DLLA148P2222 
1. Raw material: W6Mo5Cr4V2; 18CrNi8
2. Processing Technique: Vacuum hardening
3. Rigidity: HRC62-65
4. Guarantee time: 180 days
5. Delivery Time: 5 days after payment
6. OEM Service

Common Rail Nozzle Function:
Injection nozzles for diesel engines inject the fuel into the combustion chamber, atomize it and seal the combustion chamber by means of the nozzle needle. In the Common Rail Systemthe injection nozzle is part of the injector.
The injection nozzle consists of the nozzle body the cone of which protrudes into the combustion chamber. The injection orifices through which the fuel is injected are bored in the nozzle cone. The number, configuration, length and diameter of these injection orifices permit the shape of the injection spray to be formed in a way that is ideally matched to the engine cylinder.
Inside the nozzle body is the nozzle needle which, when closed, blocks the injection orifices. For fuel injection, the nozzle needle is raised by the hydraulic servo system of the injector so that the injection orifices are opened. The faster the nozzle needle can be opened and re-closed, the more precisely the injection rate can be controlled.
The injection rate and the shape of the injection spray have a decisive influence on fuel consumption and raw emissions from the engine.
Our factory is specialist in diesel parts, such as head rotor, plunger, d.valve, nozzles etc for Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, Mitsubishi,Scan, Man,Merderz,Iveco etc.Also head rotor for DPA, DPS,DP200.
Service advantage:
180 days warranty
Factory directly sale, EXW price is favourable.
The quality is tested by different customers.
Focus on selling the engine parts for the market.
Supply neutral packing



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DLLA150P2123   0 445 120 165, 0 445 120 291 Bosch Auto Fuel Pump Injector
DLLA150P2125   0 445 110 356
DLLA150P2142   0 445 120 182
DLLA150P2143   0 445 120 191, 0 445 120 260 Bosch Cr Injector
DLLA150P2153   0 445 120 178
DLLA150P2197   0 445 120 247
DLLA150P2219   0 445 120 263
DLLA150P2259   0 445 120 225, 0445120225, G1000-1112100-A38, Bosch Auto Fuel Pump Injector
DLLA150P2272   0 445 110 454


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