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diesel injection system 131151-6320 A79 for ISUZU Engine S6D105

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diesel injection system 131151-6320 A79 for ISUZU Engine S6D105

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NY Basic  Info: 
Model NO.: 131151-6320
Fuel: Diesel
Component: Fuel Injection Device
Stroke: 4 Stroke
Fuel Saver Type: Additive Burning with Fuel
Material: Gcr15
Diameter: 12mm
Transport Package: Neutral
Body Material: Aluminium
Certification: ISO9001
Cylinder: Multi-cylinder
Carburettor Type: Downdraft
Color: Silver
Origin: Fujian

We are a manufacturer for diesel engine parts, Such as Head Rotor, nozzle, plunger, feed pump, delivery valve, cam plate, repair kit and so on. Which are applied on Japanese car / truck, Euro truck and Agricultural machines.

China Lutong Main Products
Head rotor: VE,DPA,DPS,DP200 head rotors for Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Cummins,Kiv,etc
Common Rail Nozzle: Bosch Denso Delphi Series Injector Nozzle
Control Valve:Delphi 621C & 622B, Bosch Control Valve, Valve Cap334,Denso Control Calve Plate,EUP/EUI valve
Common-rail Injector: Delphi Bosch Denso Euro 3 Injector Assembly
Common Rail Tools: Diesel Injector Tester, Fuel Pressure Gauge S60H, Assemble and Disassemble Tools, 
Euro 2 Nozzle: S/P/SD/PD/SN/PN Type Nozzle, Yanmar Nozzle, Kamaz Nozzle
Plunger: A/AD/P/PS7100/PS8500/PW2000/BQ/EP9/MW type Plunger
Delivery Valve: A/P/Constant Pressure Delivery Valve
Reference parts: supply pumps,feed pumps,repair kits, cam disk,blade,shaft driver also avaiable.





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131153-2020 A228 HINO H06CT
131153-2220 A701 MITSUBISHI 6D15T2
131153-3820 A748 NISSAN DIESEL  
131153-4320 A722 MITSUBISHI 6D16
131153-4520 A724 ISUZU 6HE1-S
131153-5020 A729 NISSAN DIESEL/HINO H07D-A
131153-5220 A731 NISSAN DIESEL  
131153-5320 A732 NISSAN DIESEL FE6B
131153-6120 A740 ISUZU 6BG1T
131153-6220 A741 MITSUBISHI 6D17
131153-6520 A744 ISUZU EX200-5
131153-7920 A758 EXPORT  
131153-8620 A765 NISSAN DIESEL  
131153-8920 A768 EXPORT  
131153-9120 A770 MITSUBISHI 6D16-TE
131153-9220 A771 MITSUBISHI S6K-T
131153-9320 A772 NISSAN/ISUZU  
131153-9700 A776 MAZDA  
131153-9920 A778 MAZDA  
131154-0520 A247 ISUZU 4BG1
131154-1820 A260 ISUZU 4BE1
131154-2120 A263 NISSAN DIESEL  
131154-2220 A264 MITSUBISHI 6S34-T
131154-3220 A274 NISSAN/ISUZU 4HE1
131154-3920 A281 KOMATSU S6D102
131154-4320 A294    
132101-0120 U922    
132101-0520 U923    
133151-7420 Z71    


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