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  國際專業驗車中心是一間為客戶提供專業檢驗車輛的公司。我們一向以信心、用心、安心三 大目標為客戶提供流動上門驗車服務,本公司的專業承諾,希望令客戶對我們有"信心",加 上驗車人員的"用心"檢驗,一切都務求為客戶"安心"地購入二手車。本公司利用各種的驗車儀 器曾為不同種類之車輛進行驗車,另外,我們擁有一隊經驗豐富的驗車人員,他們均有數年 或以上的驗車經驗,本公司的首席驗車人員更獲得機電工程署及職業訓練局汽車專業訓練中 心的認可資格,過往已為不同的車輛進行驗車,經驗獲得一定的肯定。所以,本公司致力為 客戶提供一套完整的專業驗車服務及驗車報告記錄,再次肯定我們團隊的專業精神。Confide nce, Attentive, Relieve

 IPMC is a vehicle to provide customers with a professional testing company. We have always Confidence, Attentive, Relieve three objectives to provide customers with mobile-site diagnostic services, the company's professional commitment, hope that our customers have "Confidence", coupled with inspection personnel of the "Attentive" test, everything is in order For the customer "Relieve"to purchase second-hand car. The Company uses a variety of inspection equipment who have different types of vehicles to carry out inspection of vehicles, trucks, In addition, we have a team of experienced's vehicle, who have several years experience or more experience in cars, the company's chief test vehicle, members of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department and the Vocational Training Council Training Center Automotive professional accreditation in the past has been carried out for different vehicle inspection of vehicles, experience, gain some recognition. Therefore, the company is committed to providing customers with a complete set of professional inspection services and inspection report records, reaffirms the professionalism of our team.

國際專業驗車中心 International Pro Motor-verify Centre IPMC
 驗車門市部: 香港 -> 新界 -> 屯門 -> 藍地 新慶路,七十一號地鋪
HongKong Office: 71 San Hing Road Lam Tei, Tuen Mun, NT, Hong Kong
tel: +852 3162 7772
website: www.ipmc.com.hk  
e - mail: ipmc1200@gmail.com