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providing car parts wholesale、retail services and second hand vehicle selling

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Professional Auto Trading Co. Ltd.

Professional Auto Trading Co. Ltd., founded at 1995, initially providing car parts wholesale and retail services and second hand vehicle selling. To widen our business scope, starting from 2000, additional services including car parts reconfiguration, automobile insurance, bumper, car body decoration parts, product export, procurement of Japanese Domestic Car and Japanese Domestic Car Parts are provided. Furthermore, starting from 2006, new service like valet bidding in Japan Yahoo Auction and valet bidding at the largest vehicle auction in Japan are provided.

To achieve our best service goal and provide the latest popular mobile news to our customers, we have already extended our service to Japan. Delegated staff are localized in Japan in order to contact the domestic customers and attain the hottest Japanese mobile information.

Address:    DD110 Lot 240 BRP, Tsat Sing Kong, Shek Kong, N.T., Hong Kong(North of Seasons Villas)
Mail Box:    P.O. Box 399 Kam Tin Post Office, Yuen Long, N.T., Hong Kong
Tel:    (852) 2488-3899
Fax:    (852) 2488-3881
Email:    [email protected]

Website: http://www.pcar.com.hk

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