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為客人提供基本的維修保養外, 更能提供比賽級的專業服務

此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性 更新於: 2011-03-29 刊登者: 三禾摩托車公司

三禾的維修部設備完善, 能為客人提供基本的維修保養外, 更能提供比賽級的專業服務.
由一般的綿羊仔,巡行車, 街車, 以及超級跑車 都是我們的服務對象.
三禾公司除了有一般的維修工具, 如裝拆胎機, 升降台, 氮氣機外, 還有可為你的愛驅做全面測試的

Our WorkShop, facilities and services
 Sanwa do everything from simply routine maintenances, to complete engine overhaul, to race bike tuning.
We can work on anything from Taiwanese scooters, to European cruisers, to Japanese superbike.
Also, On top of the normal motorcycle workshop equipments like tire changing machine; hydraulic lifting
platform and Nitrogen filling machine, Sanwa also possess a Dynojet Dynamometer (often regarded as
industry standard) – which provides one of the most scientific means to analysis and tune motorcycle

地址 : 九龍城聯合道九號地下
Address: G/F, 9 Junction
Rd., Kowloon City
電話/Tel : 2336 6880, 2338 8206
傳真/Fax : 2336 3904
工作時間/Opening Hours:
Monday - Saturday 10:00am -7:30pm
Close on Sunday

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