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電召客貨車 Tel: 62461833 (win)

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電召客貨車 Tel: 62461833 (win)

★ 全新hiace  客貨Van ★


態度友善、24 小時、快捷準時、安全可靠為原則,為客戶提供專業優質舒適的服務






送貨接客               一家郊遊                玩樂接載

派貨服務                包車送貨                商務租車

機場接送                                客貨車包月、包鐘


!!!Whatsapp 及 電話皆可!!!



Pick-up with 5-seat luxury van to airport,

railway station, pier,

door-to-door services rental by hour services.

removal for household, factory, office and all kinds of warehouse services.

Clients are welcome to follow up the order situation by anytime.

Reasonable price, fast, reliable and best services.
Please call us for details at 62461833 (win ) & make reservation.

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