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NTI Express Auto Care

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NTI Express Auto Care is a One-stop auto care center providing professional car wash, car detailing, car coating, car filming, oil change and repair, auto spray paint services.
NTI has consecutively been named as the best car wash and detailing company in Choice Hong Kong by public media. Choice Car Wash - Self-serviced car wash, professional served car wash, your choice! Also, provide professional car detailing services.

Our touchless car wash services will give your car a spick and span inside-out. No matter using ITouch automatic car wash machine or new Choice car hand wash model, both can give you 360 all around detailing cleaning touch, a Genuine touchless wash. Using professional grade pH neutral bubble bath and nano rinse aids can give you a faultlessly clean and protective coating after wash. Final touchup with microfiber cloth for perfection.

Diamond Guard adopts latest crystallized fluidic Nano coating technology. Nano polymer filling technology is used to replace the traditional polishing methods to cover up the microscratch marks on car paint rather than cutting up the clear coat, making no damage to the original car Paint, resulting in a durable and ultra-shiny 9H hardness stretchable protective coating, very different from traditional coating which only gives hardness but no flexibility.

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