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International yacht sales and yacht brokerage services

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ASIA YACHT SERVICES offers international yacht sales and yacht brokerage services for a wide variety of new and pre-owned yachts. Our Gold Coast location in Hong Kong is perfectly situated in the heart of the Pearl River yacht market and is near Macao, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hainan.

Knowledge, integrity and proven experience are qualities advantageous in your yacht broker. With our combined scope of yachting experience we take pride in offering you these qualities and more. Our experience is your gain.

In addition to active yacht sales, we offer full marine services, custom yacht construction, yacht refitting, project management, yacht management, offshore passage making support and yacht deliveries. This broad experience translates into the best advice for you on yacht selection, valuation, condition, survey, insurance, finance, choice of flag, transportation, cross border documentation - all the ingredients important to a successful yacht sale or purchase. Talk to us!

Our dealerships include Cobalt sports boats, Salona sailing yachts, Hammerhead inflatable Rib’s and LoftBarge live aboard motor yachts. All are selected to fill obvious niches in our yacht market. Each brand represents a leader in their market segment and each brand offers genuine value for money. Your investment in these brands will prove no disappointment. Money counts!

Selling or buying a used yacht boils down to communications.
Our comprehensive marketing plans are tailored for each yacht we list for sale and may include a combination of high quality media ads, placement of highly descriptive and detailed listing ads on a variety of the best international marine brokerage multi-listing sites. These high quality multi-listing websites connect our listings and brokers to thousands of active national and international yacht brokerage houses around the globe boat.
If your yacht is for sale or you are looking to make a yacht purchase please call us. We would be glad to discuss your needs and requirements. We know how to make the match!

Building a yacht in China can be a rewarding exercise. But in an emerging market finding the right mix of expertise, quality and on-time delivery can be a challenge.
Our location in Guangdong Province in China gives us access to many different shipyards with different building skills.
Selecting the right yard for your project is our challenge. Managing your project would be our pleasure.
Let us lead the way!

Our brokers are available to assist you with your yachting needs. Yachting is their passion.
Let us help you make yachting your passion too!

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